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Lars de Bruijn

Videographer, Editor, Content Creator

My passion for creating videos began at a young age. I was always busy making videos and taking photos. Over the years, I kept learning more about this craft and still love it!

As a videographer, I have worked on various projects, from corporate videos and social media content to promotional videos and drone footage. My goal is to work with my clients to best tell their story through video.

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How does the process of creating a video work?

We start with pre-production

During pre-production, your story comes to life. We come up with a plan, create a script, and shot list. The client receives a clear document that outlines all the important points. This way, we work together to create the best possible video!


Time to film

After pre-production comes the actual production. Here, we ensure that everything that was agreed upon beforehand is captured on camera. During the shoot, the client is of course guided throughout the process.


Editing it all together

After filming comes the editing process. This is where all the footage is combined to create the final product. Attention is also given to audio/music, effects, color grading, text, and animations. The client can then provide feedback on any changes to the edit.


Lars de Bruijn 

Lars de Bruijn 

Lars de Bruijn 

Lars de Bruijn 

Lars de Bruijn